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Zoot Suit Riot
Zoot Suit Riot
Color pencil
24x36 inches

Original Sold.

13x19inch prints (w/ 3D glasses): $25
24x36inch prints (w/ 3D glasses): $40

In 2018, a Chicano Exhibit was featured at the El Paso Museum of Art with art pieces owned by Cheech Marin…. One of the pieces showed a violent bar scene depicting the Zoot Suit Riots with sailors & Pachucos fighting each other. I could not get the art piece out of my head & soon began to research Zoot Suit Riot locations around Los Angeles. Then early 2020, I ran across an L.A. Times article about a man, now in his 80’s, describing the riots he witnessed as a boy…. He described the California Theater in Downtown L.A., infiltrated by sailors looking for Pachucos & the violence happening outside. The description in the article was so vivid I was able to visualize the entire scene in my head. With a little help from archive photos of the theater, I laid down a violent street scene of familiar cartoon Navy characters targeting 1940’s cartoon characters depicting Pachucos in front of the California Theater.